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Thread: Non-cap: up-to-date guide?

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    Default Non-cap: up-to-date guide?

    Hi, is there an up-to-date guide on playing non-cap hammer (for Gauls)? Preferably one which doesn't rely on a large stash of gold?
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    Not that I am aware of. I have to honestly ask what you are trying to achieve though...gauls have the worst attack/cost or attack/time for any of the tribes...and if you want to build a decent army town account it will cost gold to set up. How much? Well if you don't waste gold on silver items in startup its still about 1600 gold for first 3 months, then 1600 for rest of the server. And if you want to use less then you have to reduce your expectations. If you want a lesser account, then its going to take you quite awhile to get the army running for GB/GS and I don't really know what advantage you are getting choosing gaul here...combining gaul army town and low gold is just going to work against you...

    You are probably making the argument that you will raid to pay for everything, and if you want to do that, then that is your guide. It is certainly NOT what the elite players do, and that's why you see so few gaul hammers from them.
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    I'd probably suggest that if you need a guide, noncap is probably not a wise choice. Just as a headsup, if you build noncap of any tribe and expect to be in the middle of the action, I'd recommend you don't do at it as a solo account. Otherwise the odds are good that you get it chiefed while asleep.

    Gauls are well-suited to doing TT ghost hammers, and if I'm prejudiced and honest, not suited to much else, off-wise. Haeduans are horrifically expensive (which is why very few of the big off accounts are gaul). TTs are not huge in terms of teeth, but they're fast and they're cheap. So if you want to avoid using gold I'd probably suggest you build a cap TT hammer and then when resources allow, build a noncap one later. They won't be huge armies if you don't use the GS, but without gold you're going to struggle to produce the 4x resources needed to really take advantage of it anyway. And with a ghost army you have to assume you're going to lose it.
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    Non cap hammer guide:

    Step 1 - Don't be Gaul

    Step 2 - Get a large confusion artefact

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    Personally, I'm rather fond of a Gaul hammer. Probably why I keep building them

    Check out the guides section, they aren't all up to date but there is still plenty of useful stuff there.
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    Hey I love gauls too but they are awful if you plan to do a super big hammer.

    /me breaks out kiriloid

    Fighting strength after 1 month at max capacity (no artefact):
    Teuton - 7,110,082
    Roman - 6,596,997
    Gaul - 5,839,497

    Wheat consumption (same time scale):
    Roman - 89,961
    Gaul - 92,168
    Teuton - 103,617

    Hourly resource cost:
    Teuton - 125,699
    Gaul - 143,536
    Roman - 155,137

    These figures all include rams, i like rams.

    Any which way it will require a heavy level of simming.

    It will also require using your capital as a supply village.

    Both of those will require a decent level of gold input so no, to answer your question.

    Unless you don't plan to be hammer building in preparation for artefacts, in which case it should be fairly easy.

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