The Hall of Fame has been run by MOD Bloated Fish since 05 Jan 2016, and is overseen by CM mhudson.

All data is sourced from players on each server, and you can help record data by emailing MOD Bloated Fish at This is the fastest way to contact MOD Bloated Fish, and every effort will be made to reply to you with 24h. If you notice an error, or have a question or suggestion, you can also contact MOD Bloated Fish at the same email address.

In addition to the records displayed, you can also download the raw files, listing much more data. This includes every known WW army to have reached 100k wheat, 5k rams or 5k catas.

Hall of Fame WWKs and WWRs

Index - This is all the entries. Note: you filter the headings, but if you leave it in a filtered state it will mess up the Arrays tab. If been told in private that this is a popular feature for setting and achieving personal server.

Arrays - These are filtered results, which are likely to be of little interest. But they need to be working to

All Hammer Records - This is what you see on the forum. You have the ability filter through servers, if you wish.

List and Coding - Functional stuff for uploads to the server.