Hi Lonestar,

I am just sending you a message to see if you would be interested in joining LOS, we would love for you to come and join our alliance.

We are seeking to create a strong team of players who are active daily and willing to work together in both offense and defense.

Our leadership team is highly active. We will have at a leader online 24 / 7. All we ask is that you work with us, and hopefully we can both learn from each other.

We exist primarily in the NE Quadrant but players close to the border or those migrating towards this region are also welcome.

If you have any questions, or even if your not interested in joining the alliance, please let us know

This message is sent to all of my players

And the following is the allainces policy targets;
"Have greater than the alliance average population"
If u cant see an issue with this..

Re take math GCSE

For this reasons and for others, decided to declare war on these noobs..

We'll see how it goes