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20 Dec 2009, 08:53 PM
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I found this guide on the .us forums here, and I liked it so much i decided to post it here. Plus we only have like 2 gauls gides, and i can't STAND hugglebears guide just because it sounds like a 2 year old wrote it.

Offensive Gaul Guide (Speed)

Note: I have began trying to start out on new servers with a very reliable dual before I choose where I am going to start. If you chose to go at this alone if can still be done. This guide should only be followed by a moderately to highly active player (i.e. 8-14 hours to 14-18 hours) I can not stress finding an active dual enough,

I started off mostly playing very aggressive Teuton. I found them to be brain-deadingly easy to play, so I decided to try and use my techniques as Teuton and implement them into a Gaul account. This has been HIGHLY successful and I wanted to share how I did it. Every account I have ever had has been in the top 10 at some point in the server life, this includes several of my offensive Gaul test accounts, top 2 week 2 in my current one =)

I see the server life as having 3 stages, I know many of the more experienced player will say this is obviously but I felt I had to be said because MANY people I have spoke to do not fully understand this. Within these stages certain things should be done, and certain things should be avoided at all costs. This guide will focus mainly on stage one as I believe it is the one where there should be no swaying away from. Stage 2 and 3 are where your own play style start to kick in and you decided where to steer your account.
Stage 1 (Day 1 to ~Day 60) This to me in by far the most important stage, I believe most people make their biggest mistakes in this stage. It is the difference between a Top 10 account and a Top 1000 account. DO NOT BUILD EMBASSIES/ DO NOT CREATE NAPS/ DO NOT BUILD WALLS/ DO NOT BUILD TRAPS/ ONLY CREATE “RAIDING” UNITS. In speed I believe it is best to start day 1, normal server I think it is day 3 but that is a different story I will go into in a “Normal” server guide if this one gets good reviews =)

The most difficult and important days in your new life as a Gaul raider are the day leading up to the training of your first TTs.

Day 1 (BP) – Build ONLY resources tiles. NOTHING else I can not stress this enough some people read this and will think nothing else means take your MB to lvl 3. NOTHING else but resources squares.
Toward the end of Day 1 your BP will be coming to an end. Here I suggest going straight up the quest-master chain through and choose the Marketplace path. SAVE THE FREE GOLD! If you are a gold user you can extend production but if you are not a gold user save it. Continue building resources tiles only.

NOTE: The reason we save the gold is for incoming attacks. Using a spread sheet figure out what is cost to buy a couple resources tiles reallocate the funds using the 1:1 NPC trader. Because I can almost guarantee you will get an attack and have to use the NPC trader I usually keep a 2:! Lumber: Iron offer on the market place. Hey, it’s not much but you want to have everything at your disposal working for you at once.

NOTE: In normal servers I would chose Military and raid with Phalx but I have found in speed that even inactives log on and at minimum they get there rat. It takes 15 Phalx to kill a rat without losing anything, And that doesn’t even take into account if they have any troops. In my opinion it’s a waste of resources and time unless you are on a normal server. Again if I get good reviews I will be creating a “Normal” server guide.

Day 2 – When your resources tiles (Clay/Lumber) get to around 4-5 you should start your journey to training TTs. You have already finished MB requirements in the quest-master chain, So time to build the requirements for TTs. RP, Barracks lvl3, Academy lvl 5, BS lvl 3, Stables lvl 3. You can do this in any order you’d like, As nothing else should be trained or built until this is done. You should have nothing in your village at this point besides the prereqs for TT training, and resource tiles. NOTHING, no troops yet, no embassy, no walls, no researching Swords or Paths. Nothing but TTs prereqs and resources. Now that luck part comes in (well not all lucky, most smart early raiders try to stay away from Gauls.) We are now saving for TTs training, IF you are attacked you should still have enough gold to NPC trade for resources tiles. If you start to run out of gold you may finally have to start building up that Gaul cranny, Most often this has not happened to me, but it has once. The raiding quickly stops when the Teuton finds TTs raiding him. Once you’ve trained TTs it’s off to the races.

Intelligent Raiding:
Here is probably the most important part of the guide. “Intelligent” raiding is not hard but many struggle with staying on task. STAY ON TASK!!! Stage 1 in the game is not for war, or for making enemies. It is for collecting as many resources as possible to prepare for war later. Be very smart with who you raid and when you chose to do so. With your first 2 TTs start raiding inactives. On speed they should be ~pop 20 stick to Teutons and Roman. This was the biggest difference I found when switching from Teuton to Gaul is that Traps are awful for your TTs. I could just overwhelm a Gaul with clubbies before early game to free troops. This will come later so be patient. Just stick to Teutons and Roman. TTs move extremely fast so if your inactive is being raided look outward rather than attacking larger neighbors, Again this will come later. Once you have a raiding force of ~20 TTs you should be able to follow back just about any clubbie raiding group and make an offensive Teuton a very grumpy player. I usually train 1 phlx and only one, He is used for timing Teuton attacks. (becoz math iz hard). My raiding groups usually consists of 2 TTs – Inactives 5-10 TTs to pop under 100(non Gauls) and I will always scout player larger than 100. Path should be build when you have a raiding force of around 75 TTs. KEEP RAIDING EVERYTHING YOU CAN, CONSTANTLY.

Priority order for training/building is going to be building TTs and with anything extra you want to be building resources tiles. Again nothing else but this. We are not going to be building an embassy/walls/Traps/ect. until later in Stage 2.
Note: I have began trying to start out very server with a reliable dual before I choose where I am going to start. If you chose to go at this alone if can still be done but will be much harder for you. I have attained Top 20 without a dual but at the expense of many hours of sleep. If you go at it alone, I will suggest you build your cranny up but still no defensive units, they are just going to be wasted if clubbies come a’knockin.
You will get to be a high enough pop where players avoid you like that plague. Gaul traps and crannies have bad reputation and this will come in very handy for you, Until then you must be active, very active. If you chose to go at this alone the single biggest mistake I see people making is leaving troops in their village when they sleep. Think of your TTs as your life force. Send them away 8-9 hour (round trip) while you sleep. If you are going to the store or work/school send them away and give yourself time so when you get back you know they are safe. I can not stress the point of not leaving them in your village enough. Just don’t do it.

Next moving day! Were moving on out =)

20 Dec 2009, 10:49 PM
will this guide work if you are a late starter, can it be done from any point in the game, or does it have to be done from the beginning

20 Dec 2009, 11:52 PM
Late as in five days maybe but probally not longer than that. or other people troops will be to high and you will be down alot

21 Dec 2009, 12:03 AM
I guess some just don't appreciate Hugglebears guide ^_^ At least it makes a better read than....Step 1. Step 2. Step 3 etc...

21 Dec 2009, 12:11 AM
Ya i like these one's. some are steps and i don't really like then i like the day one day two, were it tells you in days

21 Dec 2009, 12:59 AM

I can't remember if it was Hugglebears guide I read.

I havent used the field building method - I've gone for the raiding with phalanxes method.

Using that - I had TTs within about 40 hours this server (which is by no means a star gaul)

I am a bit profligate - and also had pathfinders (because when you have precious TTs - you dont want them to hit someone with legs)

The problem with the 'raiding inactives' and TTs equation - is that I had TTs within 40 hours....
There were no teutons in my 7/7 with troops

but within a few days - there were teutons from further away raiding my local inactives
and with the cranny plunder bonus - they emptied the farms before me.

I know I can take out teutons - they are my favourite targets :) but unfortunately - that doesnt apply to alliance teutons or teutons who have had an equally good start and are raiding with an army of hundreds of maces from quite a long distance (because taking them out would waste the TTs)

That's partly the nature of this server, and partly because I started and landed fairly centrally.

Last server I delayed a few extra days - got a bit longer in BP - and the main competition for farming near me was a Roman - so neither of us had the cranny plunder bonus.

I agree on the leaving gauls alone though - until you have a swords squad you can't risk trapping TTs.


21 Dec 2009, 01:23 PM
Nice guide, should explain more though than just the first few days...

21 Dec 2009, 10:57 PM
This one is very detailed on how to start up the game good.

22 Dec 2009, 06:53 PM
a good guide indeed
I have made it a favotive, so i can come back to it later, when a speed sever starts

24 Dec 2009, 04:44 PM
i think c69's guide (http://archive.forum.travian.com/showthread.php?t=68131) is the gold standard. This one needs a little cleaning up and presentation needs improving etc.

14 Feb 2010, 05:38 PM
ive never played teuton or gaul before but is a TT a teutatates thunder or however you spell that name and if it is how the hell do you get them so fast took me like a month to get a stable as roman

03 May 2010, 05:38 PM
i normally get tt within the first week

08 Feb 2011, 05:58 PM
it depends on how quick you move...you can have TT's in the 3rd day if you're covered 18/24 and use phallies for raids...

08 Feb 2011, 06:52 PM
why do you advise not starting on the questmaster until towards the end of day 1? surely you will get your recource tiles up faster using the resources the questmaster gives you.

Giant Killer
08 Feb 2011, 09:28 PM
In Normal server Hugglebear's Guide is best to get quick TT
In Speed server, you can follow Phalanx way or direct to TT way by c69

10 Feb 2011, 02:52 PM
In Speed server, you can follow Phalanx way or direct to TT way by c69

Actually c69's guide is highly inefficient (Direction for upgrades could be made 6% more efficient) and in itself is unnecessary. If you are an offensive Gaul then you should be having TTs on day 2. Not on day 5.