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22 Dec 2009, 09:47 PM
19kylegreer96's Teuton start-game guide.
Welcome to my 1st ever guide on here, so please be kind! Going to get straight to the point:

you will need:

high activity.
Plenty of gold as you need it.
Some sort of knowledge of the game

Day 1
Start as early as possible, set an alarm to make sure you start on time. This guide is not intended for starting late. I recommend that if you are using a good amount of gold, then activate the +25% resource on the plus page, activate them all if you have the gold, but if not, activate wheat, and wood if you want to. I myself recommend them all if you do not mind how much gold you use. I also recommend the new gold club, and a plus account. also, don't forget, taking it that you are not using the quest master, you can receive additional resources and gold; plus time. But you don't get the rat :(

Get the basics done:

Warehouse level 1
Granary level 1
MB level 3
Market place
Rally point

2205 resources
you have 3000 resources. (750 of each type of resource, ((Not including the quest masters resources.)
795 resources left.

Now, its time to do what a Teuton does best. Don't forget the beguines protection, train troops in this time, then raid when it ends. don't go into negative wheat until the protection is over.

level 1 wheat field
At least 2 mace, NPC for them if needed
Raid, I suggest joining the new gold club, to instant return if needed. Look for people that are about <10 population.
Keep raiding, train a couple more mace, keep raiding.

980 resources* (minus troop costs.)

*Not forgetting your raid bounty's.

If your in a dual, then you might be doing this really late on day one, really early on day 2, or you just stayed up because your travian nuts, but it depends on your activity

Look below for a more in-depth explanation of the following. Keep raiding, training more mace (about 1:3/4 population - troop wise.) don't upgrade crop land/wheat fields too much, don't be scared to go into negative wheat, get your wheat from raids. Train mace as needed for more raids along with rally point levels, since its travian 3.6. Only upgrade the rally point by a couple levels

Rally point to level 3, 1250 resources.

In depth
Raid at all times, sending about 2 mace on each raid, 3-4 if necessary. Train 5 more mace as resources allow. 1 Crop land upgrade. Go into negative wheat whilst raiding at all times, but do not et troops starve. Upgrade rally point by 1 level. 550 resources. Keep raiding, along with about 2 more troops.

Now, build a academy. Upgrade the barracks to level 3, as you NPC make sure you dont let your wheat supply go. Never let your troops starve at this point. Keep raiding.
Below is less detailed, adjust slightly if needed.

Barracks to level 3, 900 resources
Academy level 1, 510 resources.

Upgrade your academy to level 5, whilst constantly raiding.

Academy level 5, 3915 resources

Build the blacksmith, upgrade to level 3.

Blacksmith level 3, 3425 resources.

Build the Stable, upgrade to level 3, a few more mace along the way to keep raiding.

Stable to level 3, 2825 resources.

research paladins, build a heroes mansion and make a paladin your hero. Its now time to get your 2nd village going, if you did use the gold club, use the cropper finder to find a good 15 cropper with 125% oasis bonus, write the location down on your notebook if you have plus. Since your going no where without culture points, you need to build the town hall and party. Build the main building and academy to level 10 then build the town hall, i will put it all in a convenient list for you:

Heroes mansion
Train a paladin hero
Main building level 10
Academy level 10
Town hall level 1

At this point you will need to train some more mace along with a rally point upgrade to let more raids, you should at least be into late day 2 or day 3 now. You will need to raid a lot to party, you could clear and raid oasis to provide a steady bounty, but would require more mace, if you do this try not to loose more that 6 mace per clearing.

Party 3 times, start to upgrade the residence, train 3 settlers, all normal stuff, then settle that 150% 15 cropper. By now you should be firmly on the right road.

Since this guide is only for start game, your now on your own, i recommend using lord aslans guide to a mid game hammer, which starts at your new 15 cropper.

That can be found HERE (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showthread.php?t=54083).

Since this guide is for new players i am going to briefly explain the town hall:


Partying is done in the town hall (http://help.travian.com/index.php?type=faq&mod=376)


Partying is mainly done at 'start game' and is done to increase culture points, culture points are needed to start a new village, to start your 2nd village you need 2000 culture points, unless you want to be far behind everyone else, you will need to 'party' when you build the town hall at level 1, you will be able to have a 'small tea party'. the party lasts 24 hours, and will give you 500 culture points, so you need to party 3 times to be able to found your 2nd village.

22 Dec 2009, 10:06 PM
EDIT: Some points added in as i was typing - nicely done.

Nice guide in the making, personally i dont really think having a specific build order (like we used to in the old age of empires games) is best, as most of the time people are likely to adapt to their situation.
However i do see how this would be a help for newcomers, they would gain extra confidence and a basic guide to what they should be working towards.

Just a little bit of constructive critisims for you to help you improve incase you miss them out as i understand you have not completed this yet, when done with just ask a mod to delete this post so it isnt in your way : )

It might be worth mentioning about the new restrictions on the rally point with the new upgrades, possibly adding in some points telling players to upgrade the rally point to increase their potential number of raids thus increasing their bounty in total.

Another possible point to add in could be to do with that of the quests, where do these 3000 recources come from? Do you have to work through the quests or do you skip them? needs a little bit of explanation again to decrease confusion.

A possible error where you began talking about raiding, you mentioned that need to start raiding as early as possible, yet you also mentioned that they need to start as early as possible. You might have forgot to mention about the beginners protection period meaning they can't start untill 3 days into the server unless its a speed server, or its late into the server (which would be defeating the whole object of this guide)

You could also add in links to certain parts, for example where you mentioned lord aslans midgame guide, you could add in a link there for convienience to the reader, a few links and pictures would look nice making it look professional : )

Hope these little points helped out, just thought i would mention them unless i missed them : )

22 Dec 2009, 10:20 PM
Heroes mansion
Train a paladin hero
Main building level 10
Academy level 10
Main building level 1

You need to make it
Heroes mansion
Train a paladin hero
Main building level 10
Academy level 10
Town hall level 1

22 Dec 2009, 10:52 PM
Day 1
Start as early as possible, this guide is not intended for starting late. Get the basics done:

Warehouse level 1
Granary level 1
MB level 3
Market place

Or...set alarm.... Put the 25% bonuses on, buy plus + gold club ... main -> 3, warehouse, granary, market, npc, do some fields to get the quest rewards, go back to sleep until you have resources again :-)

22 Dec 2009, 11:48 PM
thanks a lot for all the comments, will be adding them in now, and don't mean to be defensive mrpanky (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/member.php?u=15355)
but i did mention the 3.6 rally point rule, i also linked la's guide too! also i didn't see any place for a picture, even though i wanted to add them, adding a picture for every building mentioned would clutter up the guide in my opinion. :tree:

The town hall brief guide i added, do you think its good, or a bit of the point?

Tanis R
28 Dec 2009, 07:21 PM
this might be a stupid question, but what is the relevance of training a paladin hero if you're simply rushing to get enough culture points and resources to settle your second village? surely this could be done afterwards?

13 Feb 2010, 09:19 PM
1. Warehouse level 1
2. Granary level 1
3. MB level 3
4. Market place
5. Rally point

need to add a wheat field has no5 has it wont let you build a rally point without upgrading a wheat field

Rally Point
The village's troops meet at the rally point. From here you can send them out to reinforce, raid, or conquer another village. Rally Point
Wood110 | Clay160 | Iron90 | Wheat70 | Wheat consumption1 | Duration0:31:00
Food shortage: Upgrade a wheat field first.