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27 Feb 2010, 10:01 AM
In this guide, I'm going to show you how to employ Counter-Troop Locks agains poor attempts to troop-lock you..

This guide is intended for Travian 3.6, All Servers.
This guide requires understanding basics of trooplocking. I will provide with a basic guide on that subject of matter soon as well.
This guide is primarily meant for TeutonClubswinger vs TeutonClubswinger campaigns. However, it would also work for any other same speed units.
I'm reposting my original work with the clarification on the URL codes. Thanks to snowy|Riggo for clarification on the codes.

Counter-Troop Locking (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=1073621&postcount=2)

27 Feb 2010, 10:03 AM
Counter-Troop Locking
With the aid of new URLs introduced with Travian 3.6, it's possible to arrange URLs that can tell the game what number of what kind of units should be sent as what to where. With aid of this, it's not only relatively easier to escape troop locks, but to counter those troops as well.

We will imagine the following scenario:

You sent an attack. 50 Macemen (Team Alpha).
Your opponent follows you home with troops of the same speed (Team Beta).
Your troops get home at 01:00:00.
Enemy troops hit you at 01:00:02.

Basics of this guide is simple, we're going to employ troop locking basics, but we're going to follow their own troops back home with our troops that just got back at home (So, Team Alpha is going to hit Team Beta at home).


The URL s4.travian.co.uk Replace this field with your server URL.
a2b.php? Just copy this part.
z=348001 This is the URL for the Village you'll be attacking. You can find the number in the URL when you're browsing your opponent's village.
&c=4 This is the part where you tell what kind of movement you'll be doing. c=4 is Raid, c=3 is Attack, c=2 is Reinforcement.
&t4 this is the type of troops. For example, for Gauls, t1 is Phalanx, t2 is Swordsman, t3 is Pathfinder, etc.
=20 Number of troops we'll send.
You can use "t4=20" variants as many times as you want. For example, if you write: t1=5&t2=10&t11=1 it would mean 5 Phalanx, 10 Swordsman and 1 Hero.

After we have the URL, we are only limited by our reflexes.
In the above example, we have a two-second window to troop lock our opponent.
Open three browsers, one to monitor the time, the other to send & recall the troops, the other to send the actual attack.
Since we have a two-second window: As soon as your troops arrive, send them away.
Cancel the attack.
Send the attack.
Our URL unfortunately brings us to the first page of troop movement. You're going to have to click "OK", and confirm the attack in the next screen. Do not be surprised. To speed up the process, the Confirm button in the next screen is just a little higher than where your "OK" button is, so ready yourself.

This is the end of the guide. The process is simple for those who are familiar with troop locking (and for those who are not, I'm going to write a simple trooplocking guide in the near future), only you'll have to react very fast. If you have any other questions, please ask them in this thread.