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11 Aug 2010, 11:27 PM
So i wrote this guide when the first classic serrver started. I was the highest ranking Roman, or within the top 3 if I remeber right. Got a couple of attacking ribbons with tis method. I unfortunatly had to learn how to be a vet after the summer and never finished the server. Anyway, some people may find this useful :)
Its still untouched from when i wrote in 13/14 months ago. If anyoen would like to borrow and finish it, they are quite welcome also :) Enjoy x

The Clever Roman Guide - For Classic T2.5

This is guide is best suited to a classic server (T2.5), but the principles can be applied to any server, be it speed or normal.

Incase anyone isn't sure what the difference between Travian 2.5 and 3.5 then here are the basic differences. There are a few more in my opinion smaller differences.

No heros
No oasis bonuses (but they are on the map)
Fields only up to 12 in your capital
No trappers for Gauls.
No T3.5 upgrades such as the Horse Drinking Trough.

1. The Ideas

In Travian, the aim is to increase your resource production as much as possible. This can be done through fields, raiding and trading.
With these resources, you build a World Wonder and create an army.
To make your army as effective as possible, you want to keep your population as low as possible.

According to these basic principles, the aim should therefore always be to gain the most back from the resources you spend. If you don't gain anything, quite simply don't spend them.

Ultimately, the winning alliance will be a combination of the highest resource production combined with the most efficient use of those resources.

2. The Romans as a tribe

The Romans are what people tend to go for when they don't know which tribe to pick. In terms of proportions, they dominate any server usually having 50% of the mix.
I personally play Roman for 3 reasons.

They have the strongest troops in the game. in terms of wheat, Imperians are the best attackers in the game, and Praetorians are the best defenders.
Romans troops all have relatively good defense, so unlike any Teuton, you don't have to be petrified that your maces will be crushed while you go to the loo.
Double build will bring your later villages up twice as quick later in the game.

As a Roman, its important to remember you aren't a Teuton. Your troops are expensive, and you cant dip into peoples crannies. Because of this you aren't going to get a raiding medal for the first month. Attacker medals are within our reach, as are Defense medals. If you do manage to get a Raiders medal, shame on you Teutons.

3. The Plan


1 Clever Dual. To make this guide work to its best you are going to need a dual. Another time zone is helpful, but not essential by any means. They don't have to be an expert, or even have finished a server before although any experience would help you. However, you will need good communication with them over skype or MSN and make sure they don't waste your resources, especially early game. If they do, change the password, and ignore them on skype.
Some gold. 35 that Travian kindly gives you just isn't going to be enough. Buy plus as a minimum, and the +25% wheat. Anything else is a bonus but defiantly useful.
Time. You dont need to sit on a computer for hours at all, but you do need to log in every few hours to send raids and build stuff.
Patience. Your playing as a roman, so don't go expecting a trophy cabinet any time soon. Wait your turn and your time will come :)


Wheres the starting line?
Have a lie in. Seriously, go to sleep. Set up an account at a normal time when your normally going to be on. This way your Beginners Protection will run out when your on, and you wont be bombarded by attacks when your not there.
Don't bother starting an account at 5am on the first day. I know its tempting, but apart from being in with the hardcore Travian geeks, you'll be surrounded by Teutons. They will simply steal out of everybody's crannies and you just wont get the income you need from early raids.
Around a week is best to actually start, depending on how eager you are to compete for that Climbers Medal, will depend if this is on Monday morning or Friday start.

Day 1
When you do start, chose the shipments of resources. I know you get less than if you do the quests, but you get resources in the right place, rather than spread all over the shop. Please, whatever you do, don't put the Bird in your profile.
Main Building to level 3.
Rally Point to level 1
Barracks built.
You'll now have enough resources to build 1 Legionnaire but don't. Save it until you've got enough resources to build 2, otherwise your just wasting wheat.
Go back to bed.

When the first shipment arrives, that will give you enough resources to build your two Legionnaire and start playing. Send them out to the nearest village that is under 9 population. You may have to go 2+ hours for this first raid, you may not. It depends weather you are the first or second batch of villages to the area. Either way, Travian is going to be pretty boring for now. I tend to deal with this by going back to bed, but I've heard sport and music are also good ways of dealing with this time.

Once you hit that raid and bring back full bounty, you'll again be sending your troops straight back out again to the new nearest village. This should have move towards you as people pop out of BP. With the raided resources and the shipments, spend them all on Legionnaires.

Yes you'll go into negative wheat.
But all your neighbors have loads of wheat which will feed your troops 5 times over. Don't be tempted by the wheat fields, ignore the numbers on your screen and get raiding.

Still though, spend them all on Legionnaires.

Raid all tribes. Gauls don't have traps in Classic, so they are no exception.

When it gets to a point where you always have Legionnaires queued then you can build a Warehouse and Granary. Follow that up quick with a marketplace. Unlike the rest of your server, you'll be desperate for Iron at this point. Put a trade on there getting rid of some of your excess wood and clay for twice as much iron. Give it time, it will shift.

Don't be disheartened if your first few raids come back empty, keep trying, farms will come. Don't get tempted to attack a larger player, especially 30 populations as you'll just lose troops. Remember, Roman troops are expensive, so lets not go wasting them :)

You will still be in Beginners Protection at this point so you can sleep easy when your tired, or hopefully let your dual take over.

By the end of day 1, if you've been able to raid close people, you should have 30-40 Legionnaires. If the closest people are 2+ hours away you'd be lucky to have 10. It doesn't matter too much, as long as your raiding with and building as many as you can. If you've only got 10, stay on day 1 until you reach about 30.

Day 2

Very similar structure to day 1, but with slightly more building. You should be able to more than double your troops as more and more people fall out of Beginners Protection and your troops are waiting.

Once you've got a troop count of 50 you can start being a bit more adventurous with them, as up to now you shouldn't have lost a single one. Start hitting those people with populations of up to 25 with at least 5 legos the first time. If you lose any troops, find another farm.

By the end of the day you should have-
70 Legos
Academy level 5
Stables level 1
Scouts researched and 5 built.
No fields built at all. Not even a little bit.

Scout everyone who you haven't previously raided. Especially those large Teutons.

I would also highly recommend upgrading your granary so you can actually sleep overnight without starving all your troops.

Day 3

4. Clever Attacking

Attacking in Travian is a large part of the game, but when you attack someone, always have a clear purpose in your mind. Attacking rationally, with a purpose will also help diplomacy. If other players can understand your logic behind your actions they are less likely to get annoyed and build huge defenses / attack you back. Catapulting someone out of boredom will have the opposite effect.

4.1 The 4 W's & the 1 H
Why are you attacking them?
When is the best time to attack them?
Who else will the attack affect and involve?
How many troops should be send?
At What point will you stop attacking them?

So why are you attacking them?

Resources or Farm Attacks
Zero attacks, to completely destroy someone new village.
Conquer attacks, to take what should be mine.
Fake attacks
Threat and area domination attacks. The least important of all but should be mentioned.

There is no other reason to attack! None at all!
Revenge attacks, I'm bored attacks, attack point attacks are all a waste of troops, and therefore resources. Do not get caught up in a battle with no clear motive. In the same way, if the objective is not being completed, stop attacking!

4.2 Resources or Farm Attacks
These are attacks to gain resources. They are for nothing else. Initially start raiding in 2s, then 5's and then 10's. Eventually raid in numbers where if you lose 1 troop, the bounty will cover its training costs, so 14 Ei, 10 legos etc.
Therefore, when the troop damage exceeds the resources gained, stop attacking.
As a general rule, if someone starts defending your farming attacks, they are going to keep defending your farming attacks. So stop before they snitch on you to their alliance ;)
Send farming attacks to empty villages whenever you are online.

4.3 Zero Attacks
You will need all the croppers you can lay your hands on. They will vary in importance, and therefore how much you should commit to destroying someone's new village. By the time other people come to settling, you should be something of a local celebrity. may people will just give up defending their new village when they see you arriving with catapults. Attack the village as early as possible, with as many troops as possible, preferably between 3 and 4am. If you give the defender time, you run the risk of facing an entire alliances defense and them building as many troops as they can.

Your priority should be the closest 15c. If anyone settles that, they will have to be zeroed at any cost. Commit the troops you will need, and don't hold back. If you can get this off them, you haven't tried hard enough.

Next priority should be the next couple of closest 9cs. You need 2. Again throw everything at them until the plots are empty again. As these are closet, you should be able to make at least 2, but possibly up to 5 cat runs before their alliance joins in.

Anyone who settles in your 7x7 around your capital should be delt with swiftly. This shouldn't be a problem to destroy rapidly though.

After those, any other 9 or 15cs you want to lay claim to, but these are less important. Commit catapults and try to destroy the villages quickly. If you come up against a half descent defense, leave it.

Zeroing people needs to be done in waves, and if you have loads of cats, just groups of 5 on random will do the job. if you don't have so many to spare, start being logical about what buildings will be there.
For a village of about 20 pop, I personally send

Clearer wave with 1 catapult, aimed at rally point.
4 to 6 catapults aimed at the main building, possibly more if there are any left over.
3 at the granary and warehouse.
3 at wheat field, twice
All other catapults in groups of 5, set on random. Especially important for destroying the cranny, which will probably be the highest level building in the village.

Worth noting to send a second clearer wave in between waves 3 and 4 incase your timing isn't perfect.

4.4 Conquer Attacks
If you've zeroed people effectively, you wont need to do these. Either way, make sure they benefits outway the costs. There are plenty of guides on taking someone's village, so I wont comment on this much.

4.5 Fake attacks
A waste of time in my opinion. Each troop you send to its death is wasted resources. Can be useful when zeroing someone, as if the defender always sees 12 incoming attacks then they will probably give up. I would however, normally send 2, so they at least stand a chance of coming home again. As you want a defender to see fake attacks incoming, send them so the arrive between 6pm and 9pm, when most people are online.

4.6 Threat Management
Probably the hardest area to write a logical guide on, as this is so much up to interpretation. What one person would call a threat, another would not.

When attacking, attack with the correct units. So if your trying to kill Phalanxes, don't send EI. Build up imps and then hit them with those.

If you've farmed correctly in the early stages, this should simply be a case of possibly following some clubs home to get a Teuton or going with Legos at Phalanxes. Hit people early and hard, and then don't let them recover.

5. Clever Defending
When it comes to defending, often the cleverest thing to do, is not to.

As a rule, never defend against a raid.
1. Ship all your resources out of your village to your other villages.
2. If you cant get them out in time, spend the rest.
3. if you still cant get rid of them all, build a bigger cranny.

Make sure all troops are out raiding, reenforcing another village or on 90 second recall when that attack hits.

Worst comes to worst, you don't get all the resources out, but you should never lose troops to defending a raid.

12 Aug 2010, 12:40 AM
Nice guide Alb :)

18 Aug 2010, 09:20 AM
Very nice and concise :)

One thing I noticed is that you say never to build a wheat field in the first day, but you do say to build Academies, Warehouses, Main Buildings etc. I have not really played the early stages of 2.5 before so I dont know if it is similar to T3 or not in the sense that it does not let you build yourself into negative wheat?

blazing bob
18 Aug 2010, 08:25 PM
I'd guess where he says 'fields' he means wood/clay/iron.

Nice guide though :)

19 Aug 2010, 11:53 AM
I suppose so, but earlier on he specifically says dont build wheat fields, then later on he says still dont build fields. It is just a bit misleading and could confuse people who have never tried to build themselves into negative wheat before :)