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Shaahi's guide for gauls

Content :

(1) Registering on server (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=1176700&postcount=2)
(2) First 3 days (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=1177230&postcount=3)
(3) Preparing for TTs (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showpost.php?p=1180826&postcount=4)
(4) Starting farm
(5) Second village debate
(6) Middle game. How to climb the scale.
(7) Artefacts? Can I have one sir?
(8) Natars
(9) Late game. Surprised?
(10) End of guide remarks.

Shaahi edit this out whenever, All comments apart from Shaahi's until completed will be deleted.

01 Sep 2010, 11:58 AM

(1) Registering on server

Okay, you are bored enough and you want to play a game for stop this feeling. You choose Travian as you like the main page. Wait, wait, this guide isn't for you in that case, this guide is for players who want to play seriously, want to be in server history forever. If you play Travian only for fun and not for making something seriously at your account, you should stop reading this guide now.

Okay? Still reading? Means that you want to play Travian like an expert. This guide WILL help you in this case. First step in your career : choose a nickname and a server where to play. I suggest you to choose a new server, not one old, for increase your chances of not being farmed. Nickname should be neutral, not offensive and friendly for everyone. For example "Shaahi" is a good one :p. Be sure that your password can't be hacked, choose tribe Gauls and what quadrant you want.

Register in first day , but in early night (7-8 PM). Are you wondering why I said to register in first day? You are gaul, teutons will avoid farming you. Even 1st player of server would avoid farming you. Why this? A gaul with huge population is dangerous due of crannies and trappers. A teuton will avoid farming him in first step of game. On the other hand, If you register in first day you'll have farms later when you'll have TT for farm. This is all you should know about register.

Oh,no, I forgot the most important thing : "Have only one account on that server". Otherwise MHs (http://archive.forum.travian.co.uk/showgroups.php) won't be happy as you'll complicate their job.

02 Sep 2010, 10:42 AM

(2) First 3 days

Well, your account should be activated before reading this. After you log in first time on account, you'll be asked by Quest master what to do. Choose playing with tasks and click "To the first task!". Do all quests until you receive quest 10. Then stop. Here is what you have to do and rewards :

Task 1: Woodcutter
„Around your village there are four green forests. Construct a Woodcutter on one of them. Lumber is an important resource for our new settlement.”

Order: Extend one Woodcutter

Task reward: Automatical completion of the woodcutter.

Task 2: Crop

„Now your subjects are hungry from working all day. Extend a Cropland to improve your subjects' supply. Come back here once the building is complete.”

Order: Extend one Cropland

Task reward: 1 Day Travian Plus.

Task 3: Your village's name

„Creative as you are you can grant your village the ultimate name.

Click on 'Profile' in the left hand menu and then select 'Change profile'...”

Order: Change your village's name to something nice

Task reward: 30|60|30|20

Task 4: Other players

„In Travian you play along with billions of other players. Click 'Statistics' in the top menu to look up your rank and enter it here.”

Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here (the white blank under the quest screen). When you're done, click the complete quest

Task reward: 40|30|20|30

Task 5: Two Building Orders

„Build a Iron Mine and a Clay Pit. Of Iron and Clay one can never have enough,

Thanks to the Plus-Account I gave to you a short while ago, you can give both orders right away.”

Order: (You don't need to construct 2 buildings at the same time)
* Extend one Iron Mine
* Extend one Clay Pit

Task reward: 50|60|30|30

Task 6: Messages

„You can talk to other players using the messaging system. I sent a message to you. Read it and come back here.

P.S. Don't forget: on the left the reports, on the right the messages.”

Order: Read your new message

Task reward: 20 Gold

Task 7: Neighbors

„Around you there are many different villages. One of it is named xxx`s village. (xxx is one of the neighbor near your area)

Click 'Map' in the head menu and look for that village. The name of your neighbors' villages can be seen once you hover your mouse over any of them.”

Order: Look for the coordinates of xxx`s village and enter them here. (fill the white blank with the coordinate of this player)

Task reward: 60|30|40|90

Task 8: Huge Army

„Now I've got a very special quest for you. I am hungry. Give me 200 Crop!

In return I will try to organize a huge army to protect your village.”

Order: Send 200 Crop to the Questmaster (You'll lose those amount of crop in your resources. Click Send Crop to complete the quest)

Task reward: Huge army (Which take 12 hours to travel to your village, Nature tribe, 1 Rat. How big the rat is )

Task 9: One each!

„In Travian there is always something to do! While you are waiting for your new army, extend one additional Woodcutter, Clay Pit, Iron Mine and Cropland to level 1.”

Order: Extend one more resource tile each to level 1.

Task reward: 100|80|40|40

(Thanks for Deepshark for quests)

Now let's comment a bit how to continue playing. Firstly, reward for quest 6 was 20 gold. Go to travian plus and activate 25% for each resources. Go to profile and put some text there. This is only for fun, only for see players around you that you are active. I'll suggest you that name of village to be started with [01], because surely you'll get other villages.

In 12 hours comes the rat , but will come in the morning as now it should be night (If you followed my advice of registering in early night). I hope until now you spent maximum 1h , shouldn't take more for do these missions. Let's analyze what will be missions in following time :

Task 10: Coming Soon!

„Now there is time for a small break until the gigantic army I sent you arrives.

Until then you can explore the map or extend a few resource tiles.”

Order: Wait for the Questmaster's army to arrive

Task reward: 2 days more of Travian Plus

Task 11: Reports

„Every time something important happens to your account you will receive a report. You can see these by clicking on the left half of the 5th button (from left to right). Read the report and come back here.”

Order: Read your latest report(Read your reinforcement report)

Task reward: 75|140|40|40

Task 12: Everything to 1!

„Now we should increase your resource production a bit. Extend all your resource tiles to level 1.”

Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 1.

Task reward: 75|80|30|50

Tasks 10 and 11 can be done instantly after comes rat. But task 12 needs time. So you should start resources fields after you finish quest 9. With resources you have you should build a Woodcutter, Clay pit, Cropland, woodcutter, clay pit, cropland from level 0 to level 1. After that you can go sleep. Tomorrow morning you'll have enough resources for build all to 1 (in night time resources has been grown spectacularly). In this morning the rat must arrive, so you can now do quests until 13.

NOTE : Firstly do quests 10 and 11 and then extend all resources to level 1. Even with night production, you may don't have enough resources for build all to 1, so QM's reward will help you.

NOTE 2 : Your warehouses/granaries may be almost empty, but don't worry. For following quests you don't need so much resources.

So let's continue doing quests now.

Task 13: Dove of Peace

„The first days after signing up you are protected against attacks by your fellow players. How long this protection lasts you can see by adding the code [#0] to your profile.”

Order: Write the code [#0] into your profile (You'll see a white dove in your profile after complete doing this. If the dove is a bit dark that mean you still have the protection. If the dove is lighter, that mean you have no longer beginner protection)

Task reward: 120|200|140|100

Task 14: Cranny

„It's getting time to erect a Cranny. The world of Travian is dangerous.

Many players live by stealing other players' resources. Build a Cranny to hide at least part of your resources against enemies.”

Order: Construct a Cranny

Task reward: 150|180|30|130

Task 15: To Two!

„In Travian there is always something to do! Extend one Woodcutter, one Clay Pit, one Iron Mine and one Cropland to level 2 each.”

Order: Extend one resource tile each to level 2

Task reward: 60|50|40|30

In 2-3 hours you should be able to finish all of these quests. It should be lunch and your production should be 35 at lumber, clay and mine. Your resources could be unbalanced after make quest 15, but don't worry, this is not a problem. We continue with tasks 16 and 17.

Task 16: Instuction

„In the In-game Instructions you can find short information texts about different buildings and types of units.

Click 'Instructions' on the left and look up how much Lumber Barracks cost.”

Order: Enter how much Lumber Barracks cost (For those one too lazy to read it. The answer is 210 :P)

Task reward: 50|30|60|20

Task 17: Main Building

„Your master builders need a Main Building level 3 to erect important buildings such as the Marketplace or Barracks”

Order: Extend your Main Building to level 3

Task reward: 75|75|40|40

Also these quests could take from 2 to 4 hours. This is because reward wasn't too huge for quest 16 and production isn't (yet) too huge. So you should wait resources for extend MB, find other occupation while waiting (for example spamming the forums :cool:). After you make quest 17 we are going to next one.

Task 18: Advanced!

„Look up your rank in the player statistics again and enjoy your progress.”

Order: Look for your rank in the statistics and enter it here.

Task reward: 100|90|100|60

Maximum time for do this 2-4 minutes. After this task you'll receive quest 19. Now we should think very well what to do. In this guide my suggestion is to choose economical route. If you want to choose military, I'm afraid this guide isn't for you. So, choose economy If you still want to follow this guide.

Task 19:

„Trade & Economy was your choice. Golden times await you for sure!”

Order: Construct a Granary

Task reward: 80|90|60|40

Task 20: Warehouse

„Not only Crop has to be saved. Other resources can go to waste as well if they are not stored correctly. Construct a Warehouse!”

Order: Construct a Warehouse

Task reward: 70|120|90|50

In 1-1.5 hours this should be done. If all are right your population should be 38 now. Also maybe now you already spent a day in game, maybe more, maybe less. Depends of your activity since now. Normally If you are here, a day should be gone and 2 days left of beginner protection.

Task 21: Marketplace

„Construct a Marketplace so you can trade with your fellow players.”

Order: Please build a Marketplace.

Task reward: ?|?|?|?

Do it!

Task 22: Everything to 2!

„Now it's time again to extend the cornerstones of might and wealth! This time level 1 is not enough... it will take a while but in the end it will be worth it. Extend all your resource tiles to level 2!”

Order: Extend all resource tiles to level 2.

Task reward: 15 gold

Okay, task 22 should be done all (or a big part of) day 2. It's a hard quest, so it will take much time (almost a game day). At end of day 2 all resources fields MUST be at level 2. Some suggestions for building resources faster :

At beginning start extending all woodcutters and clay pits. When you receive a message like "Lack of crop : extend a crop field" just do a cropfield and then continue extending woodcutters and clay pits.
After that (lumber and clay production is 45 per hour right now) extend ALL cropfields.
Just after that go and extend iron mines.

From my own experience this strategy is the best, otherwise it will appear crop problems. Okay, the insane quest 22 is done, let's continue.

Quest 23. Friends

"As single player it is hard to compete with attackers. It is to your advantage if your neighbours like you.

It is even better if you play together with friends. Did you know that you can earn Gold by inviting friends?"

Order: How much Gold do you earn for inviting a friend?

Reward: 80 70 60 40

Quest 24. Construct Embassy.

"The world of Travian is dangerous. You already built a cranny to protect you against attackers. A good alliance will give you even better protection."

Order: To accept invitations from alliances, build an embassy.

Reward: 100 60 90 40

In 3rd day morning these quests MUST be done for every player which is reading this guide. If you did them faster, congratulations! If they aren't done (very bad for you) spend a part of day 3 for finish them. Let's see how we continue right now.

Quest 25: Alliance

„Teamwork is important in Travian. Players who work together organise themselves in alliances.
Get an invitation from an alliance in your region and join this alliance.
Alternatively you can found your own alliance. For this you need an embassy level 3.”

Order: Join an alliance or found your own alliance.

Reward for joining an alliance: 120 140 90 50
Reward for founding an alliance: 395 315 345 230

This is last quest. But we won't make it right now. This will be in list of waiting, but not a priority. Right now we are making an own strategy, as quest master isn't giving us any help. Here's strategy for 3rd day :

Use 5 gold for activate crop 25% for 7 days
Build a trapper (we'd need it If someone is attacking us)
Extend a cranny to level 5 (it'll protect a good part of your resources; could take some time for extend it)
Build a rally point (we'd need it for see who's attacking us)
Extend (using maximum a NPC) a cropland, a woodcutter and a clay pit (in this order).
Make 10 traps

This list should be more than enough for day 3. If you haven't finished something from it, just continue in day 4.

I'm glad to tell you that your first 3 days in Travian are finishing here. See next post for see how to continue. ;)

08 Sep 2010, 10:32 AM

(3) Preparing for TTs

First of all I'll post here goals for this chapter :

Not being farmed by nobody
Have a decent production
Research TTs

From beginning you should get as fast as you can a cranny to level 8. Why level 8? Because it'll hide 1.2k resources, that's exactly how much is maximum of your warehouse/granary. The farmers' psychology is "I get resources, I come back. I don't get any resource (that means 0|0|0|0), I'll come later, now I shouldn't waste my time for this player". The cranny will help you to stop farmers for a reasonable period, in which you can grow yourself.

After getting a L8 cranny, you should concentrate yourself for making resources. The most of gauls have a problem with crop of begin of server. This is the reason why YOU should start making cropfiels firstly, then other resources. Firstly extend all crop fields to 3, then all woodcutters,claypits to 3. Iron isn't too important right now, but you also have a L3 field.

Extend marketplace 1-2 levels. Because your crop production should be high, make offers at market : I want 2*x lumber/clay/iron and I give you x crop. They'll be very hunted, trust me. In maximum 1 hours offers will be got and resources which you miss will come double.

We continue now same strategy for L4 and L5. First extend croplands to level 4, then the all other resources to level 4. Right now you should have your cranny at level 10, your market at level 5 and have already the barracks (don't train anything) to level 1 and MB to level 5. The offer strategy should continue, this time just use more a merchant capacity (e.g. offer 200 crop and search 400 wood, instead of offer 100 crop and search 200 wood). Extend also warehouse and granary 2 levels. Now we are extending a cropfield to L5, then make a grain mill to level 1. After that we should extend all cropfields to level 5,except one which will be level 6. Marketplace should be extended 2-3 levels and make offers non-stop. You should now extend all other resources to level 5, except 1 iron mine which will be level 4.

If you are still farmed (I hope it's unsuccessfully for farmers) build second cranny to level 10. Extend all cropfields to level 6, 1 woodcutter, claypit and iron mine to level 6. From now the distraction can begin :)

A little revision on what you should have on village :

Woodcutters, clay pits level 5,5,5,6
Iron mines level 5,5,4,6
Crop fields level 6,6,7,6 + grain mill level 2
Main building level 5
2 crannies level 10 (4k resources hidden)
Barrack level 1
Marketplace level 7-8

Notices :

* Production of village is depending If you have plus activated or not, but surely it's over 150 per hour
** Time for making this depending of your using of gold, your activity etc.
*** If you don't have all of these buildings check the guide again for see where you lost information :)

Our next goal is researching TTs.

Theutates Thunder

Prerequisites for research: Academy level 5, Stable level 3
Prerequisites for training: Stable

Theutates Thunders are very fast and powerful cavalry units. They can carry a large amount of resources which makes them excellent raiders too.

In defence their abilities are average at best

We will make Barracks to level 3, Blacksmith to level 3, Academy to level 5 and finally Stable to level 3. If you are simmer you can also build armory, it gives you 4 points without much resources. This buildings is built only by simmers. Right now we are waiting resources. When we have enough resources we click 'Research' for TTs. After research farming can start :)

10 Oct 2010, 02:53 PM

(4) Starting farm

Apologize for being late. Text comes here ^^

Train 2 TTs. After training start farming with them. Firstly look in your 7x7, search players with population from 2 to 15. Farm them until they don't have any resource. With resources train 1 more TT. With all 3 TTs farm in 14x14 all players with population from 2 with 15. With resources from them just make other 2 TTs. In total you have now 5 TTs. Farm with all of them players from 2 to 43 at population in 14x14. Please avoid gauls, because they could have traps, crannies etc. From farming all players with population from 2 to 40 in 14x14 you should train 5 TTs. In total you have 10 TTs.

If you haven't researched spy until this moment, now is the last relevant time when you can do it. So be sure you research and train some spies.
We go now to romans and teutons with population under 100 (still in 14x14, we'll go in 21x21 soon). You have now chance to destroy some big armies as well as get much resources. Farm all players at maximum 5 hours. In that time they can make new resources for you. Repeat that until you have 25-30 TTs. You can now farm with 3-4 TTs sure farms, but send 5-10 spies and then all army when you attack a new farm.

Right now it's time for extending from 14x14 to 21x21. Farm all romans and teutons with population under 100. Same rule : for new farms send all army, for known farms send 3-4 TTs. Farm players in a period of 5 hours. It's time to have 50-60 TTs. Now it's time to go to all gauls in 21x21. The strategy is the same, on new gals send firstly spies , then all army and on known guys send 3-4 TTs. The next goal is 100 TTs.

02 Jan 2011, 09:44 PM
Very good guide, I was thinking of becoming a Gaul in a server, so this will help me.

You could explain:
That it might be hard getting that amount of TT's if you don't have very good farms around you.

It might help if you have an active friend that can sit for the account, to help you upgrade and send raids while you are offline.

Otherwise, very good guide, it has helped me!

Prince o Orange
23 Mar 2011, 11:19 PM
I like it. I play Teuton, so this guide is counter-intuitive for me because it is so late to build troops - but for Gauls I guess that is best. One day I will play as a Gaul and then this guide will come in very handy.