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10 Oct 2010, 09:30 PM
Clubswingers VS Axemen
PLEASE NOTE: This Guide is for 3x (Speed) Servers Only


If you have Level 20 Barracks
You can build 2688 Clubswingers in a day
You can build 1728 Axemen in a day

1 Clubswinger = 250 Resources
1 Axemen = 490 Resources

Clubswingers Attack = 40
Axemen Attack = 60
At the moment Axes may have more attack but just keep reading

Clubswinger Attack x How many Clubswingers you can build a day = 107,520
Axemen Attack x How many Axeman you can build a day = 103,680

So far, we have found it, if you build Axemen 24/7 for 24 hours, you can produce 3840 less attack points, but if you build Clubswingers non stop for 24 hours you produce 3840 more attack


In Total Clubswingers cost 95 Wood | 75 Clay | 40 Iron | 40 Wheat
In Total Axemen cost 130 Wood | 120 Clay | 170 Iron |70 Wheat

To Build Clubswingers for a day non-stop it would cost
255,360 Wood | 201,600 Clay | 107,520 Iron | 107,520 Wheat

To Build Axemen for a day non-stop it would cost
224,640 Wood | 207,360 Clay | 293,760 Iron | 120,960 Wheat

So far, I have proved you can build more Clubswingers, get more attack points than axe and it will still be cheaper, most people usually use Axemen for their Hammer, I am going to prove Clubswingers are better for a hammer

Carrying Capacity

2688 Clubs x 60 = 161280 Bounty
1728 Axe x 50 = 86400 Bounty

Clubs also come out on top in terms of raiding capacity, allowing them to gather more resources and pay for their upkeep more efficiently than Axes. This means it is easier to run a GB/GS and to rebuild lost troops when building Clubs, due to the lower cost and increased raiding capacity.

Travel Time (30 Fields, No Tournament Square)

Clubs x 14 fph = 4 hr 29 Minutes
Axe x 12 fph = 5 hr 00 Minutes

Clubs are also faster but this will only be an advantage where raiding is concerned or if the army is sent without accompanying siege.

Blacksmith Upgrades

Effect of blacksmith upgrades shown below

Upgraded Attack value per/hour

2688 Clubs x 52.4 ATK = 140,851.2 attack force created per day
1728 Axe x 75.4 ATK = 130,291.2 attack force created per day

The upgraded attack percentage works in favor of Axemen giving them a larger bonus, but the faster production times means the Clubswinger bonus still outweighs the Axemans slight per unit advantage and produce proportionally more attack per hour

Battle Comparison

Level 20 Barracks - 24 Hours
2688 Clubs – 107,520 Attack - Cost: 672,000
1728 Axe – 103,680 Attack - Cost: 846,720
As Clubs produce more attack should we see lower losses when put into battle?

Axemen Loss:
101010 Wood | 93240 Clay |132090 Iron |54390 Wheat
(Total: 380,730 Resources)
777 Axemen Died

Clubswinger Loss:
109535 Wood | 86475 Clay | 46120 Iron | 46120 Wheat
(Total: 288,250 Resources)
1153 Clubs Died


Rebuild Time

1153 Clubs = at 00:00:32 = Rebuild Time 4 Hrs, 9 Minutes and 36 Seconds
777 Axe = at 00:00:54 = Rebuild Time 7 hrs, 1 minute, and 58 seconds
The faster production time outweighs the larger number of lost Clubs

Hammer Building Cost Comparison

So far, Clubs have come out on top in top in comparison that has been made but there is still more area's to look at

As shown above more Clubs are required and produced than Axe so there are greater numbers to feed when building Clubs, this is most apparent what building and storing a large number of troop (e.g. Hammer Building)

We’ve already seen that its cheaper to produce a larger number of Clubs, but when the upkeep cost is factored in building a Clubs army becomes more expensive

To sum up, the Clubs hammer will cost 20% more but produce 16% (when level 20) more attack then a Axe army, for serious hammer builders attack is the only priority and will not be put off by the slight extra cost. Less experienced hammer builders or more casual players might want to consider the Axe which is still powerful but as a slightly cheaper and more manageable (in terms of neg wheat)


Defense against Infantry:
Clubswingers = 53760
Axemen = 51840

Defense against Cavalry
Clubswingers = 13440
Axemen = 51840

2688 Clubs = 53670 Defense against Infantry
1728 Axes. = 51840 Defense against Infantry
Clubs have more Defense than Axes against Infantry
Axes have less Defense than Clubs against Infantry

2688 Clubs = 13440 Defense against Cavalry
1728 Axes. = 51840 Defense against Cavalry

Clubs have less Defense than Axes against Cavalry
Axes have more Defense than Clubs against Cavalry


2688 Clubs = 2688 Wheat per hour
1728 Axes = 1728 Wheat per hour

Axemen have less upkeep than Clubswingers in a day worth of troop building non stop

Build Time

Clubs - 139658 attack in a day
Axes - 120562 attack in a day.

Maces build 15.8% faster.

Upkeep/1000 Attack

Clubs - 25 Wheat
Axes - 16.67 Wheat
Maces are 50% More Expensive

1 Day = 2688 Wheat - Clubs
1 Day = 1728 Wheat - Axe
2 Day = 5376 Wheat - Clubs
2 Day = 3456 Wheat - Axe
3 Day = 8064 Wheat - Clubs
3 Day = 5184 Wheat - Axe

and so on

Resource Cost/1000 Attack

0 Days:
Clubs- 6250
Axes - 8168

20 Days:
Maces - 18250
Axes - 16168

40 Days:
Clubs - 30250
Axes - 24168

60 Days:
Clubs - 42250
Axes - 32168

etc, with Maces getting more and more expensive

Ammount of Troops per day for 1 week:

Day 1:
Clubswingers: 2688
Day 2:
Clubswingers: 5376
Axemen: 3456
Day 3:
Clubswingers: 8064
Axemen: 5184
Day 4:
Clubswingers: 10752
Axemen: 6912
Day 5:
Clubswingers: 13440
Axemen: 8640
Day 6:
Clubswingers: 16128
Axemen: 10368
Day 7:
Clubswingers: 18816
Axemen: 12096


Axes are cheaper than Clubswingers for someone who keeps armies alive longer than 20 days (for an average troop life of 10 days). Maces get extremely expensive if we're talking about keeping them for any significant length of time. (The number is slightly below 10 if you calculated it, the reason it's up at 10 is because that's where it goes if you factor in the increased mace build speed and the proportional pow, 1.5 increase in damage)

If you're a hammer and really have the wheat and really only want one hammer, I guess maces make your hammer build faster. Keep in mind that 90% of Clubswinger builders run out of wheat at some point and complain about not being able to build.

Also Clubs have more attack and are faster BUT cost more resources and uses up more Wheat

The hammer choice is yours

Thank you for reading my guide

Dead or Alive
11 Oct 2010, 12:25 AM
Well,you ask which is better...I've done a lot of studies,including this one.

If you have enough wheat,obviosly having more attack is better,so clubs would be the right choice.It's the perfect choice if you loose all your troops and are near the end....you have plenty of wheat!

ON the other hand,they die much more easily...they are cheap,and for many players, cheap=useless, for they dont care if a few die because they can make more in a gif!For all of those reasons that you've mentioned,it's hard to create a huge army with em....you have to spend more gold,you cant build a reasonable defense for your villages.....

So,i would have to say that the amount of wheat required to sustain such an huge army its not worth it,because you have to defend yourself....you cant count only on your ally!So,having defences plus a huge army,would require you to be a top raider,and super active and millionaire!!

I vote Axes.In a week,talking about a 3x server,there is a difference of 7400 wheat +-

Great work btw,i know it takes time and patience :)

Dead Or Alive

11 Oct 2010, 08:24 AM
As Dead or Alive says it depends on your wheat production. if you are a 24/7 acc who can upkeep massive negative wheat the the clubby is best.

As a lone player i find Axes easier to deal with. Less negative wheat and less losses. But i still have a few villgaes for raiding which are purely clubbies.

16 Oct 2010, 03:45 PM
I have always decided to use Macemen early on, purely for raiding ability, and also the ease/low res they require..
However, after gaining a few villages, and you are getting a reasonable income from your macemen, I'd begin to make my hammer, Axes are more power to 1 wheat consumtion.. and that is what is important.. resources to make is not important when you can raid a good amount.

19 Oct 2010, 03:29 PM
Also depends on what you want it for. Personally I'd rather chew my own leg off than spend 9 months building one army to use it in one battle. I build maces purely because I like to hit people as often as possible with everything, and while I'd rather not lose it all, maces are easier to replace. Since my troop turnover is usually so high, wheat isn't generally an issue. Attack points per minute of building is.

19 Oct 2010, 05:47 PM
Just to point out that large sections seem to be copied word for word from my guide originally posted on the .in forum Here (http://archive.forum.travian.in/showthread.php?t=7109)


Thanks :rolleyes:

01 Nov 2010, 02:23 PM
Just to point out that large sections seem to be copied word for word from my guide originally posted on the .in forum Here (http://archive.forum.travian.in/showthread.php?t=7109)


Thanks :rolleyes:

Seems a lot like a guide from the .AU forums...

Question is, who wrote the original guide to begin with?

Edit: Sorry nvm I didn't see a specific part, I know who wrote it now

04 Nov 2010, 05:03 PM
lot of obvious stuff here. maybe good for a beginner to read and get some background on if they are confused as to which troop to go for.

all anyone really needs to think about when making the decision which to go for is their game plan and to choose whatever one fits into that best. may sound like obvious advice but its the thing people forget to do at the start and then sticking with the wrong choice purely because they think they've already committed to the decision.

30 Nov 2010, 06:57 PM
Any idea's for things to add?