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22 Jun 2017, 06:49 AM
Dear community,

the time has come to move to a new forum platform.

Why are we doing this?

The necessity of it became quite clear a while ago. You might remember what happened last September, when we had to close our forums for over a week to solve a security issue. The main reason for the change is to have stronger data protection.

Burning Board offers us more options for a secure environment, which is why we've decided to use it as company platform for all our games. Another reason is that we are restyling the entire game and this platform offers us more possibilities to make the forum get the look and feel we’d like to have for our game in addition to the new start page (yes, there will be a new start page, too).

And the last reason is that we’d like to have our communities of the different domains closer to each other. We know many of you play in different countries and we’d like to offer you the chance to have a single platform from which you can gather all the information.

We now want to give you an update on what we did in the past 2 months to prepare for this forum merger.
We evaluated different technical solution and solved some of the related issues.

One of the main issues when merging more than 40 forums together is space. Most of the forums have been available for more than 10 years now and obviously there is a lot of content to move. Therefore we have decided to move only the content of the past year, but don't worry, the rest won't be lost either.

All forum history will be stored into a read-only archive that you'll be able to access. The archive will most likely not be available immediately after the merger because we need to take care about lots of things at once, but we want to assure you that it will be accessible at some point.

So here is some technical information:

We will move all forum threads (including all the posts in it) of the past 365 days that had at least one reply in the past 180 days.
We will move all the forum accounts that were accessed at least once in the past 365 days
All the account names will get the country tag as a suffix in order to avoid duplicates. You will then be able to change your nickname into a new one if you like.
We will merge all forum accounts from different communities that have the same email (all the threads/posts will be merged), so if you have accounts on more than one Travian: Legends forum, please make sure you use the same email with them, as you won’t be allowed to use more then one account on the new forum and it won’t be possible to merge them anymore after we started the process.
All images attached to the posts will be saved and moved to the new forum.
All personal avatars will be moved.
All warnings and a possible temporary punishment history will be gone; it’s a fresh start, so make sure you profit from this chance.
There will be international forum rules that may in some details differ from the rules you are used to. Please make sure to read them.

One forum to rule them all! How does this work?

It’s pretty easy: Once the forum was merged your account will be assigned to your community inside the new forum and you will see the posts of that community. You can go to your profile and change your settings to add more languages and see the posts of more communities. If you have more languages activated when you start a new thread, you will be able to choose in which community you want to write by selecting the language/domain in a drop-down menu.
We fully realize that some of you won’t be happy with this change and that you like your current forum. We want to be honest with you, which is why we are not trying to sell you a nice epic story with a 'And they lived happily ever after'. We've analyzed the pros and cons of moving and merging the forums and we’d like to be transparent and share our findings with you.

Pros of the forum merger:

The security level of the forum will be improved
Worldwide communication – the forum merger is a step to improve our communication flow to you and also the communication flow from you to the company
You'll have the chance to get in touch easier with more people and learn from other countries
You won’t need to have one account in each forum of every community you play in anymore; you'll have only one account and everything will be at hand.
You'll be able to gain activity points – these points show your levels of participation and contribution to the community. You can gain activity points by starting new threads (10 points), and answering existing threads (5 points) and also receiving likes for your posts (2 points)
Burning Board offers a better way to sort threads in a specific section. Using the filter will help you to find what you are searching for much quicker.
The new forum style will match the new start page and makes for a complete new look and experience.
More social interaction - you'll be able to share your favorite thread with your friends on social media with just one click.
You'll be able to keep track of activity on threads you are interested in way easier with the 'Watched Threads' page.

Cons of the forum merger:

We'll need to clean up. As mentioned above, we will only move the activities of the past year to the new forum, everything else will be available by the end of the year in a read-only archive.
Your post count may be lower at the end of the merger, due to the fact that we are not merging the entire community's history – but on the other side you'll be able to gain activity points.
The tavern section won’t have a post count – we do value our community and we also like chit-chat, but we do not think this directly contributes to Travian life, therefore we decided to remove the post count and activity points in this section.
You'll have to learn how to use a new software and it might be difficult at the beginning and get used to the new interface – we will try to provide as much information as possible in our FAQs.
All custom BBcodes will no longer work, which might lead to some posts looking a bit odd
If you have a special user title, it might be lost after the merger, but you can always get in touch with your CM or try to gain a new one by contributing to the community.
There is a slight chance that your nickname is taken by another user – in this case you should get in touch with the CM of your community. who will evaluate the situation – we grant priority to the nickname to the user who contributed more in the life of the community.
The interface (buttons, profile interface, etc...) will be available only in the following languages at the start: AE, AU, CL, COM, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU, TR - if you are willing to help us translate the interface please contact the CM of your community.
All private messages and notes will be gone – so make sure to save those that matter to you.

We are sure by now you must have thought about 50 time: "OK, but when?"

We will start merging the forums on July 16th.

We will close all forums on this date and we are aiming to bring them back online by July 31st.

Wait, what??? Yes, we know it’s a long time and we hope everything works as planned and we can bring them back online before that date. But as you might guess, there is lots and lots of data to move and we prefer to proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, we will provide you with all the important information through the in-game info boxes and on our Travian: Legends Facebook page .