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  1. I'm from uk and I login to trav via blackberry a lot so I'm active, im normally on from 9am to 11pm uk time..

    I might have another uk dual who plays with me currently who might be interested in dualing on your account.

    My skype is shaw.89
    Msn is

    I'm not able to access skype at the moment, add me on msn and we can have a chat if you want
  2. i have msn and skype
    give me you msn and skype
    il add you
    iv got 2 msns and 1 skype

    il add you
    itll be eaisier
  3. ok
    you dont need to buy too much gold
    what country are you from
    and what time will you be able to log in at

    you are first to ask me so you may be the person

    answer the questions and we are done
    oyu may be sharing my account in some time
  4. I can't seem to pm you I would be interested in playing the account, I currently play s4 and I'm sitting 50 in the pop rankings. Iv played trav about 14 month now. I haven't played teutons before but I'm sure a days settling in I will soon get used to them. I will buy gold but I don't heavily invest.

    Do you have skype or msn?
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