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  1. Okay, now there's two things you could do...

    Are you going to just give me the IGN and password

    Or you can ask for additional info for me (For trust reasons and stuff)

    I'd do number one sense were in totally different time zones and it'll take for ever to communicate. But it's totally your chose..
  2. S4 started 2 month ago.

    Medals? None at the moment :/
    Rank? 50
    Alliance? Smurf
    Rank? 1st
    Off points? No point me even checking as there aren't any impressive stats at current
    Def Points? Same as above
    Number of duals? 1
    Gold purchased a month? When ever gold is needed the account is topped up, it can be 250 gold a month or it can be 850 plus it just depends how quick we use it.
  3. Haha my bad, i totally forgot about Uk. And now that I think of it, I doubt ill get into a top 10 account again, so I'm in for which everyone is older (so I can play more, instead of it ending quikly)
    Also I would liketo know info (So its current)

    Medals? How much?
    Alliance? Rank?
    Off points?
    Def Points?
    Number of duals?
    Gold purchased a month?
  4. Still thinking?
  5. Uhm. Im still deciding
  6. I simple no thanks I'm not interested message would of been nice.
  7. Rank: 160 on S2 and 100 on S4
    Tribe: Roman
    Alliance: Deviants and smurf
    Rank: both 1st
    There's always gold on account
    One other dual (joopman)
  8. Dont use it
    answer these please

    Is so what rank?
    Offense or Defense?
    Amount of gold you buy?
    Amount of other duals?
  9. Do you have skype or msn?
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