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  1. Ain't Talked in a while Glen, Anything new, I managed to pass my French Test (3B if you were wondering)
    So yea, PM me for a ongoing conversation =P
  2. It was your bithday, Darn I missed it
  3. You got skype don't ya?

    Try keep me up to date mate, I don't go on IRC everyday you know

    I so need to change avatar
  4. Not anymore, I'm afraid... I can still help you out though, if you need me to?
  5. Keiji, You Forum Staff?
  6. Are you leavin Trav ?

  7. Hey there!

    Of course I can friend you

    How are you?
  8. Hey I met you on chat a few days ago when I said about my freind is the only one which knows the secret word that we discussed and I was wondering if you could friend me
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