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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Eating the nomnoms can get you fired, but you can fight with frozen hard unnommable noms and not get fired?

    Weird weird weird
  3. Ahhh, I forgot about your Canadian-ness

    Those French sticks bloody hurt when they're frozen, we're always having fights with them so they're definitely a good choice of weapon
  4. Pfft, I live in Canada! -25 is nothing!

    Bake and nom bake and nom. Sounds like my kinda job. I don't get the chance to nom at work, so this will be a piece of .. . cake

    And if I am hiding behind the french sticks. . .if anyone tries to fire me they will be whacked with my evil french stick of death
  5. That gets you fired though... you can only eat them if you hide in the freezer behind the boxes of french sticks.

    But it is -25 in there, so I hope you eat quickly
  6. oooh that is most definitely within my skill set

    I'm also good at eating said things
  7. Well, that could work...

    How good are you at baking bread and icing cakes?
  8. But I love doing school stuffs!

    Okkkk then how about I get the monies and you do the coursework then?
  9. Haha, thats very unfair on you though! Why should you have to work for my degree eh? I cant let you do that...sorry
  10. 3?!?! Worse than I thought

    Hmm. . .How about we split it 50/50? I do the coursework and you get the monies?
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