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  1. eh, no troubles....Most of us dont raid constantly....but we do raid a bit more than most.:p
  2. I'll do it, mind you I am usually busy to raid constantly, but I will try my best
  3. ok..I hope you agree to join us..I know they will let you on..otherwise Ill B!tc* them out
  4. Cheer I will think about it
  5. hey, I might be able to get you on my German speed account. We currently have 7 on the account. But since you UK, and an hour behind them (in Germany), 5 hours ahead of me, and approx. 7 hours behind our Indonesian, it would be a good fit. Since I trust you, I feel comfortable with you on the account. We are top 20 (we pwn.:p) and have a reputation as a fierce raiding bunch. We also play with the top UKX account holder!

    SO drop me a skype if you want to...The others will see if you can in the morning (so you might not be on the account for a day or two)

  6. ya ya ya.:p
  7. Nowai, pestering me will slow it down even more
  8. get to work on meh sig ya bast@rd
  9. I Can't be arsed to work at the moment.
  10. wtf?No speak teh chat speak
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