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  1. T4 that burnt the retina out of both of my eyes, ok I will just keep doing what im doing and see if it works out thanks mate.
  2. Don't try too hard either. It's not a good look when that happens. As for guides - T4 is new out, you could do one for that.
  3. Wouldn't know where even get started on writing a guide, not anything that hasn't already been done anyway.
    I try to be helpful but the bad rep doesn't help, suppose its my fault for playing up when I got bored on Ukx.
  4. Post things that crew might rep you for. Be helpful, do guides, do alliance analysis, things like that. It's hard to give a specific example because it's all subjective.
  5. How do i get my reputation back to green or grey? its been red for ages and I haven't broke a rule in ages, and having the bad rep makes everybody think im a troll before I've even posted more then twice
  6. Really, you must be a crazy man
  7. You kidding? I live to be moaned at! I'll wake up eager to see what fun awaits me.
  8. I bet its a challenge too, your a better man then me, not sure if i could cope with all the people moaning all the time
  9. It's... it's good. Really Enjoying the role and the challenges it throws my way.
  10. Im pretty good mate, hows life as a big scary Smod treating you?
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