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  1. *always :p

    i) mischief makers can't watch on/off times e.g. my hours are all over the place so I often catch late night forum mischief; if members can see when mods go to bed, then they pounce and get dirty footprints all over the forum
    ii) that was even more important when I was WW / WWK holding 'normal' members can read the forum while logged out and only log in when they want to post; I tend to stay logged in all the time so a) I can see the crew only sections, particularly any reported posts and b) in order to do edits/deletes etc.

    an argument that some tend to give that mods should show on line, is so that people know who is online and can be contacted. But...I figure I post enough for that not to be a particularly strong benefit; despite not showing online I still get a fair amount of private message traffic asking questions; and private messages get forwarded to my email account, so I tend to pick up on them quickly

    (I'm also perma-invisible on skype )
  2. Why do you often appear offline?
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