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  1. Oh, okay .
  2. lolsauce is all i have to say.
  3. I hate speed servers tbh, just raid the lemon out of slows and then camp out miles away, make a massive hammer then forget and come back to some gaul suicide croplocking you.

    Was sick.
  4. lol i swear aux had more action that ukx, mind you i never played ukx myself just going on forum.
  5. Umm, if that's true then what happened to owen, eman and nosim?
  6. just about bearable, but srsly aux has higher standards than ukx nowadays
  7. hows T4 then?
  8. not missed you at all bro.
  9. hmmmmmmm.....
  10. shush tommy, u da foooooo!:p
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