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  1. Yep I dual with Krull's wife this round.... alllows me to play Trav and have a life
    I lost a load of numbers out of my phone, drop me a txt sometime and I'll give u a ring for a catch up
  2. Aye theres bits and pieces going on with me doll
    Do you have an account still on s3?
  3. Hey you, was wondering how you were!! You kinda just dropped off the face of the planet!!! Im good, not much new.... how's things with you?
  4. hi Jen
    Was just thinking of you yesterday, as we have a new Irish girl started at work.
    So, I logged into the forum and saw I have a message off you.

    How are you doing?
  5. Hey stranger... how's life?
  6. I got my first forum ban
    Only 24hrs tho... unlike your 2 week one
  7. Now now what did I tell u?
  8. Rat oot?
  9. Somebodys up early..........
  10. Oh look who's forum lurking
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