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  1. hey up stranger!!!!! where u been hiding?
  2. Howdy Stranger... how's life away from sv3? Missing me yet??? :p
  3. Ok.. I'll follow
  4. il make a start!
  5. Starting threads isn't my fortay! However I can do sarcastic replies
    Maybe we should crawl before we attempt to walk... perhaps by replying to all the nooby threads first?
    Maybe it will give you some inspiration for a new thread
  6. sarcastic stupid comments is something I excell at! It could work! I think the first thing to do would be to start some noob thread....although I dunno if I can top some of the ones that are already there!
  7. so what's the plan of attack? we terrorise them with spam and sarky replies in the bottom section until they agree to give us our own spam thread? :p
  8. Hmmm, a spam thread, i like it!
    I reckon we could sell it to the power! haha
  9. Yep I agree... maybe we should start posting our thoughts in the general threads and they'll soon wish we were back in the sv3 section, maybe then they will let us have our spam thread
  10. Just a lil bit! lol
    It would have made an epic thread though!
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