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Thread: Roles of the Forum Staff

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    Community Roles of the Forum Staff

    Below you can find out about the role of each staff member and how they can help you with different problems and queries about the forum.

    UK Administrator -
    The UK Administrator is the representative of Travian Games (owners and creators of Travian) and is the only person who is paid for his role in Travian UK. He is ultimately responsible for maintaining the crew, server, games and forum, but his most obvious actions for players is the starting of servers, announcing of Natars/Artifacts and publicising any game upgrades.

    Contacting the UK Administrator
    Most general queries or suggestions should be directed at the appropriate Forum areas, but the Administrator should be contacted if you have a complaint or other comment regarding a member of staff and have exhausted all other means of resolving it.

    The current UK Administrator is Chrisvc, and the best way to contact him is via email –

    Forum Administrator -
    The Forum Administrators are appointed by the UK Administrator to maintain the forum, update the forum rules when needed, keep the forum looking tidy, providing other small upgrades and leading the moderation staff.

    Improving and Maintaining the Forum
    The Forum Administrators ensure that the forum rules are up to date, covering all the topics they need to, as well as making sure that the place looks tidy and is not cluttered up with a poor appearance and interface. They also periodically run forum competitions, solve small forum bugs or typos and other improvements make sure the Forum is a jolly place to be.

    Finally, any other issues regarding faulty links or incomplete forum account registrations should be directed to the Forum Administrators.

    Leading the Moderation Staff
    The Forum Administrators are the deputies of the UK Administrator of the forum, and try to make sure that the crew has enough good people to moderate the forum as well as giving advice and solving any disputes. Should there an issue with the actions of a Moderator, you should first try to contact the Moderator whose actions you dispute.

    If that does not work, the Super Moderators should be able to assist solving the problem, but if that too does not work (or there are no Super Moderators, which there are not at present), then the Forum Administrators are responsible for making sure the moderation staff deal with the forum properly. The Forum Administrators are the primary leaders of the moderation staff and the forum as a whole, and in almost all cases will be able to handle any issues without requiring the UK Administrator's intervention.

    Super Moderator -
    Super Moderators are experienced and senior Moderators who have access across the forum to support the Moderators in individual areas. They are also responsible to enforcing the rules in user profiles, and also give advice and guidance to Moderators in their actions, in addition to the regular duties as Moderators to ensure good quality posts across the forum.

    As more experienced Moderators, Super Moderators advise Moderators in more complicated issues that may arise, as well as teaching new Moderators and easing them into the role.

    Enforcing User Profiles
    In addition to enforcing the rules when it comes to posts, Super Moderators also have access to alter profiles should they have inappropriate content there.

    Contacting Super Moderators
    The Super Moderators can be reached by looking for them on the Forum Leaders page and sending a PM.

    Moderator -
    Moderators both enforce the rules in the forum areas, as well as making sure that the forum areas are filled with high quality discussion.

    Example to Users
    As forum staff, Moderators are here to make sure that the forum is an enjoyable place to visit and discuss topics, and so are not here as unthinking rule enforcers. Moderators also have a good understanding of the areas they moderate, and make sure that discussions there stay focused and positive.

    Rule Enforcement
    Moderators spend most of their times responding to reports about posts which seem to break the rules, as well as actively seeking out posts which may be problematic. They should have a good knowledge of the forum rules and will handle problematic posts to allow proper discussions to continue undisturbed. When enforcing rules, they will typically seen to post a Moderator comment to make sure that everyone knows this is an official action or advice about the rules:

    Moderator Comment: Username
    This is a Moderator comment.

    Contacting Moderators
    Moderators will rarely need to be contacted directly, although PMing them can work if it is that particular Moderator's actions you wish to discuss. For normal actions, using the “Report Post” button on the left of a post is the best way to deal with a problematic post, as this brings it to the attention of all appropriate Moderators very quickly. Please do not report posts or user profiles in any other way, as this makes sure the information reaches the right people, is properly logged and doesn't clog up Moderators' personal inboxes.

    IRC Crew -
    The IRC Crew are members of staff who are active in the IRC channel and make sure that it remains a friendly place to visit, but do not have any special access in game or on the forum. The use of IRC has slowly diminished on Travian as new ways to communicate and chat are being developed by our technicians.

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