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Thread: 'Watch' feature and End Time for Auctions

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    Default 'Watch' feature and End Time for Auctions

    Watching Auctions

    Currently you are only able to add an auction to your My Bids page by bidding on it. This presents a problem to two types of players.

    Type 1: the buyer; a player who is trying to bid on multiple items but must put a heavy silver bid on the first item and wait to see if they win before returning their silver and letting them bid on the next. They have seen items they want but can't 'pin them' unless they have copious amounts of silver to add them to the bid page.

    Type 2: the seller; a player who is waiting to sell an item but wants to know how much the same type of item is being sold for at auction. They want to gauge the interest and decide if it is worth selling and when, but they can't be online all the time to watch every auction finish. In particular an auction is finishing at 4:50am reaching bids of 75,000 silver. The player doesn't have a high enough amount to add this auction to the bids page. They also don't want to purchase the item, but to add it to this page they must commit silver.

    So I am proposing a small icon of a pair of spectacles which allows you to watch an item. Watching an item will add it to your My Bid page without you needing to bid silver on it for it to appear on this page.

    In addition to watching the item, you also want an improved set of data on the My Bid page to show the time the auction finishes. This helps you to see when the peak prices are paid and when is the best time to sell at the highest and buy at the lowest a certain type of item.

    Currently the auction end time is only displayed on the Sell page, whereas the My Bid page only displays 'finished'. I would like for the My Bid page to look like this below, also showing finish times:

    Please vote if you enjoy this idea above in the poll
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    After recently trying to decide whether I want to sell or consume some items, this would be extremely useful in order to help gauge what would be best for me. A simple function such as the ability to watch an item would be fantastic

    Also, after having debates with other people about when the best time for an auction to finish is, this would also be helpful for items. It would be a well-welcomed addition in my eyes.

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    i think someones been spending too much time on ebay but i think it would be a good idea
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