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    Default ElementalGoDz Guide to Chiefing

    ElementalGoDz Ultimate Guide to Chiefing
    This Guide was written by ElementalGodz from the UK forums

    This guide will explain to you the basics of successfully chiefing a village.

    Introduction: What is Chieifing? Chiefing is a way of taking someone's else village and keeping it as your own (the benefits of this is because it will use much less resources and time to get 1/2/3 chief's rather than getting 3 Settlers, settling a new village and simming it to 600 population (which could also use gold), it will also weaken the enemy bit by bit.

    How to Chief a village: First of all you will need to chose the village(s) you will chief and the village(s) you will fake - preferably the closest villages to you.

    Why fake?

    Faking confuses the player getting attacked on what the real hit is; and makes them snipe the completely wrong wave for example.

    For example; My target is named "Darkness", he has 6 villages - but I am focusing on his top 3 villages:

    A1 - 944 Population
    A2 - 827 Population
    A3 - 758 Population

    Normally you should check what village type each one is first; I would usually chief the 7c/9c/15c strongest villages first because they give away more crop; for example.

    A3 is a 15 Cropper so this is the one I am going to chief, and I will fake A1 and A2, normally it is best not to chief fake more than 2 villages otherwise it might get complicated.

    You should also check the villages around this, is it close to your cluster or is it close to his cluster, try to take a village as far away from his main cluster as possible, otherwise he has a chance to snipe the chief waves or even arrange a thick wall of defense.

    So I have a hammer village (01), a secondary hammer (05), and 4 chief villages (13), (22), (24), and (09).

    First of all build about 50 rams in each village that has chiefs within.

    One thing you need to remember when sending chief attacks is the attacks sent first will land first:
    So if you send an attack from 1 village that lands on a certain second; move village and send another attack which lands in the same second, the first attack you sent will hit before the second attack you sent.

    Work out the timings of each village on A1, A2, and A3 and arrange in order of farthest to shortest.

    Here is an example of what I mean:

    (05) - Secondary Clearer - Targeting A3 - 2:22:03
    (24) - Double Chief - Targeting A3 - 1:59:39
    (22) - Double Chief - Targeting A3 - 1:34:09
    (13) - Double Chief - Targeting A3 - 0:50:23
    (09) - Single. Chief - Targeting A3 - 0:45:05
    (01) - Clearer & Cata - Targeting A3 - 0:42:01

    Now work out the timings on A1 and A2 but use the same villages to Ram Fake.

    So the first attack you need to send is the secondary clearer (05) which is a Club & TK force

    This attack lands on 15:00:05

    So you need to send every chief wave to land approximately on the same second as this (remember every chief wave has to have at least 10 troops with it)

    We are aiming for the single chief to land last so it is the last chief to be sent anyway so we wont need to aim a second later than the other chief waves.

    All my chief waves successfully land on 15:00:05 along with my secondary clearer which lands before the chief waves, so I will have to try to land (01) - this attack on the second 15:00:04 targeting the residence, normally I destroy 5 levels of my Tournament Square so in case I miss by a couple of seconds because my internet or computer lagged, I can gold my tournament square up and attempt again as this is the most important attack on them all so I do not want to fail.

    You can also try different combinations like chief 2 villages; fake 1.

    Another thing to do is when the expansion slots in your cropper are used, demolish the palace and build in another village; this gives you the option of having 3 chiefs in another village.

    Reminders; before sending chief attack waves, make sure there are 6+ chiefs (since Tablets were released in T4.0 and every village your chiefing from has a Great Party/Celebration running, this will increase the Chiefs power of persuasion.

    If there is anything I have missed out, recommendation, or something that needs changing, please do let me know.

    Happy Reading
    Thanks Joe
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    Gaul chieftans travel quicker - so can use either a ram or an infantry troop as a fake (and hope they don't check the launch times precisely). You should mention how much each tribe's chief can lower loyalty by. I'm not sure how relevant the tournament square is - unless you are chiefing a gb/gs village cross quad (which would be part of an organised attack), then it's pretty rare to chief over 30 squares away - your troops won't be travelling far enough for the TS to be an issue.

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    50 Rams with each chief? Stopped reading from there. Seem's silly to me, expensive and pointless..

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