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Thread: Sad News - Momo

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    Default Sad News - Momo

    It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Momo. She died on the evening of 9th September in hospital, having been treated for pneumonia.
    Mo last played on the uk servers on uk4, where she lead the White Rose alliance (although she dualled with me on the Agent Oxygen account on UK S1 but was ill much of the time). She continued playing with some of the team on another domain. She was always keen to partake in any quiz that was being played, and if she was playing, everyone else competed for 2nd place downwards. She made many friends and will be sadly missed.

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    Very sad/shocking news. Played alongside her for 2 servers, good times

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    Very sad news. She will be missed. I don't often get to meet such caring, honest and lovely people...

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    I will miss Mo's friendship, honesty, kindness and willingness to help others.
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    I will also miss Mo on Travian. Got to know her on S4 back in 2009 and played again in 2010 and then moved to India with her and some of the gang in 2011. This is such sad news and so very unexpected.

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    I'm actually lost for words... it was only the other week were were both in the quiz.. (she won...again...) I played with her on s4, and moved to the Indian servers with her and a few regulars.. She will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

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    Mo was a very genuine, caring, lovely lovely lady - how she put up with my shenanigans for so long I'll never know! Always took everything in good humour and it was a pleasure to get to know her. She will be sorely missed but there are many of us with some very very fond memories thanks to her. RIP Mo xxx

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    This sad news has come as such a shock to many of us She was such a lovely woman and loved by many in the Travian community, she will be sadly missed by those who knew her. R.I.P Mo. x
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    Sad news indeed, we all could learn something from her and her attitude to people in game . Rest in peace Mo

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    A part of my anatomy is still red from some of the spankings I got in the skype quiz rooms, lightening fast reflexes and a excellent knowledge of almost all subject matters, if she was in the quiz you knew you were fighting for 2nd spot. I know it's a big loss too to the people who played alongside her in Travian, sadly only ever played against her. My thoughts go out to her friends and family. RIP
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    Very sad to hear this, I played against her a few S4's back. Although I didn't know her too well its still very side news and my condolences to family & friends.
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    On my first ever server I played as EReclus. The leadership of NWO was dumped on me, because I had enthusiasm. For some reason, a player of Momo's standard joined and followed me. She helped teach me the game. Within NWO, everyone was given MM for defence calls. It sounds like chaos, but it was effective, and a lot of fun!

    Leading the alliance became way too much for me, I was completely out of my depth, so I ensured all the active players moved on when Plague merged with Nemesis and co. I made sure she got 2 of my villages.

    I didn't realise at the time, but she kept her potato themed villages, that were named in a mock competition we ran

    I've had a lot of fun on this game, and Momo started and facilitated that. I hope she is still remembered in as good a light as I remember her. And I hope any family members know she was liked far more extensively in this game than a mere 12 posts would suggest.

    I hope she would be proud that one of the noobs she helped is still playing.

    Thanks to Matt for letting me know of Momo's passing, when we were reminiscing about past servers. Momo was the first player to come to mind! RIP
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