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Thread: Artefact Table

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve991 View Post
    Point taken, you'll have to forgive me for being overly critical, this is my first speed server and I just decided to compare the alliance i'm in to the alliance that had been mentioned in an earlier comment in the thread. Trying to liven up a pretty bleak forum with some harsh words
    Well, once you get to know that your better, you'll see what I mean. Not many get the opportunity, so enjoy it. And you're totally right about one thing - the forum needs livening up.

    Anyhow, since MRH have the most small cranny artefacts, it's clear where victory is at already.
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    I think a little credit should go to soldiers they are trying to evolve into a better stronger outfit .MRH have done same bringing in new strong players.

    People think GTB is just the same old people playing every round doing the same old thing but this couldnt be farther from truth .Just like the myth we all gold spending crazy raiding offence builders.GTB has evolved just like soldiers and MRH are doing now.NOt many in GTB have played all the 5 servers this is my 4th with them ,people always take breaks and come back so each round is a little different as are the goals for server.There was our first round v corin and chuck noris ww where we were a bit nooby game plan wise .Then a hammer round then we went totaly smashy and ripped up quad so badly it was almost embarrasing.but then the italian meta started on us and the 300 battled our 40 for what at times seem like an eternity.Then we went for the WW last round and now there is this round .

    Each round players are recruited from other servers we play or were valued defers or were just dam good opponents we respected but it aint easy to get in .Once you are in its all for one .

    I would slightly dissagree we have the vast majority of top players in ukx i mean we have shaun lol for one he has to lower the average .Our ethos is the same each round in way we approach it it shouldnt be rocket science to work out what we do and how we do it .One thing we do live by and it maybe why not many attack us is that if you send armies at us they die .I have lost track off the countless ones who have tried and failed and im not talking about pinching an arti 2 days from server completion.GTB are the best team defenders on ukx by far but this is due to the team within .

    Im sure soldiers and MRH will improve in this respect as they evolve into stronger and stronger outfits .Lets face it ukx needs a good multi way tussle .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Running Tiger View Post

    its that type of executive outcome where it would be funny if you dual targeted simply to be annoying. Sleep on the idea
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    I want my scout back!! lol.. i had been up for 35 hrs straight an just couldn't manage the negative 500 billion base any longer on 2 grannaries lol Well played though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain View Post
    I want my scout back!! lol.. i had been up for 35 hrs straight an just couldn't manage the negative 500 billion base any longer on 2 grannaries lol Well played though
    Don't worry we will get that back Boss get your beauty sleep
    P.S:2 extra small artefacts over night for GTB
    ukx13: yismail(Rej)
    ukx14: aragorn (GTB)
    ukx15: Mace Windu (GTB)

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