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Thread: Uk7 Round 2 - Army Table

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    Default Uk7 Round 2 - Army Table


    Put the forum format on fluid to see the parts cut off by clicking this.

    What's an army table?
    An army table is used to show the best end game armies on the server, it helps players set personal targets and benchmarks for future servers. For an army to qualify to get into the army table it had to have hit a World Wonder. Not World Wonder Plans, or clearing the natars before chiefing the World Wonder.

    Army Table – Top 60ish
    Unfortunately with the decreased numbers on servers now it's rare to get enough 'decent' armies for a top 10. Cut off around the 3mill Mark - Which itself is quite low. The Table includes several fields, Such as Attack Value, Wheat Consumption, Unit total - And several more. If your army isn't within the table, Then it's either not on the forum or posted in one of the threads unchecked, or it's just too small to qualify.

    Top 10s
    The next type of army table is the Top10s. Within this we split the Top60ish into several categories this allows us to create smaller tables, and see which players excelled in these specific area's, such as the most cavalry, most rams and others. For you to see where the Top10 are created from take a look at the Top60ish shown above. If you unfortunately don't make it into a Top10 group, by looking at the top 100 you will be able to see how close you were to getting into it.

    Artefact Holders
    As this round had artefacts, we've taken into account any army which had the potential to que troops using a academic advancement, or unique fool. Any armies that held a Artefact are Orange within the Top100 table, and Black Bold below.

    Colour Key for Tables
    Within the Top10 tables the rank numbers show you information about the player army, you can see what tribe they are, and the location of their army such as 15c Capital army, or GB/GS and so on.

    Top10 Tribes
    The following 3 tables show the biggest 10 armies for each tribe. This will suggest that these players understand the tribe they played very well. The rank colours show you if the army came from a 15C, 6c, or 9c capital, or if it was made within a village that has the potential for a Great Stables or Great Barracks, you can see which colour is for each location by the above Colour Key.

    Troop Values

    These tables judge the size of the armies, as there is several ways to define the what shows a army as the biggest, and we all judge it in a different way there is 4 categories. These are Attack,Wheat consumption, number of units, Army : Pop ratio. Apart from these tables all others are based on the Attack power.

    Attack Power this is likely to kill the most amount of troops and make the biggest amount of impact ,increasing the chance of it causing successful damage with any siege it has present.

    Wheat Consumption This shows which is likely to be the most difficult to feed and require the highest fields within capitals storage accounts, pushing and supply villages to feed during its transit. A player who has a high amount of negative is likely to go through more gold than others and have a highest amount of activity than others to keep the army fed.

    Number Units This is likely to show what the army was made off, a person who has 6 axe will eat the same amount of wheat as 1 catapult. Meaning that someone who has a high amount of units is more likely to have a army with high amount of infantry.

    Army : Pop Ratio This shows how large an army was in comparison to the holders population during the time it hit the WW. A lot of alliance will set targets for it members to meet using the troop: pop way. This will show if a player has done well for their size, it is also measure in troop units rather than consumption.

    Unit Types
    One of the key factors in creating a large army is time. There is only so much of it and it's up to you how you spend it and if you spend it wisely. Here the tables look at the Top10 players who have built the most infantry, cavalry, rams or catapults. A good end game army usually has a tribe specific balanced escort and weighted siege depending on its purpose. Remember that there is no Great Siege Workshop. The players in bold have used the Academic Advancement artefact at some stage during the server, decreasing the build time of all troops by 25-50%.

    Location of the Army

    These tables show where the army came from, those that came from Capital villages did not have access to the Great Barracks & Great Stables, meaning that the GB/GS Army's could have been built in a far shorter amount of time.

    Unfortunately with a fair few players deleting before the server ended, tracking the location of the armies can get quite difficult. So may be one or two errors in this area, Such as the fact there's apparently no 4446 Cap armies..

    Alliance Armies
    This set of tables show the armies per a alliance, only armies that made it into the Top100 are used for this, meaning even if your alliance had 15 armies, but only 6 made it onto the Top100, only 6 would be shown within these.

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    Awesome tables mate
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    Very well done sir.

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    Nice mate. I had 90k EI and not on the cavalry army and my army was a cap hammer not non-cap

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    nice tables mate-

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    Looking at the tables. Not many were fond of KP.
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    Nice work, I especially like the alliance table

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    Brilliant work there, very nice

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    I made the top 10 by Tribe???? Blimey!!!!! not bad for my first wwk attempt

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