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Thread: Double, double, toil and trouble

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    Default Double, double, toil and trouble

    Double, double, toil and trouble

    Ten ingredients are hidden around the forum, in posts made during October of this year. Hunt around and see if you can find them. When you have found ten - or as many as you could manage - then submit a list of the links of the posts where you can find them through clicking the report button of THIS post (not the post where you find them).

    Please submit your entry by sending a private message to mod sam by 23:59 on Monday 9th November.

    A single winner of 150 gold will be chosen at random from all those who find the most ingredients. This way everyone has the chance to win a prize no matter what time you submit your entry as long as it's before the deadline.

    Ingredients list:
    • Elderberries
    • Honey
    • Diamond Dust
    • Dragon Scales
    • Dragon Tears
    • Toadstools
    • Snake Venom
    • Black Roses
    • Magic Beans
    • Feather
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    For anyone overwhelmed by this, there is at most one picture/ingredient per section of the Forum

    e.g. under the 'Embassies' group shown on the main index, there are at most six ingredients.

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    I miss MOD Sam </3
    When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.

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    Where's MOD Sam gone

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