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Thread: Community Moderators Required

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    Default Community Moderators Required

    Position of Community Moderator

    We are looking to appoint a new Community Moderator. This person is expected to be an active forum user, able to log on most days of the week. They will be expected to follow the rules of the forum and represent Travian Games.

    If you are interested in applying, you must have good communication skills and treat others with respect. You will need to be able to operate as part of a team and use your own initiative to work on your own when required.

    Your main role will be to handle queries from users and deal with scenarios where you must enforce the forum rules. If you happen to be an innovator, a creative aspect is helpful within the role as we welcome fresh ideas to keep the forum interesting and fun for all.

    We are particularly looking for people to run the games area (inc overseeing the community WvV threads), Creativity Corner (to create and run events) and Guides area (update an revitalise).

    Communication within the team is vital and therefore all applicants must have and be willing to use skype and slack team messager.
    Please note that Forum Moderators must be over 18 years old.

    Does this sound like you? Please send your CV with the following to
    Use the subject line of [UK]Mod to ensure its received in the correct queue

    1. Your forum username
    2. Your real name and age and location.
    3. Tell us about yourself, things you enjoy, if you work or study
    4. What Travian experience do you have and what servers do you play?
    5. Have you moderated a forum before or worked in customer service?
    6. What skills or qualities would you bring to the forum if you were a Moderator?
    7. What actually motivates you to apply for the role?
    8. Can you commit to reading the forum on a daily basis?
    9. Written interviews are held on Skype - please provide your Skype ID.
    The more information you can give the better chance you have. Treating this as a real job application by sending a full CV along with the questions above will greatly increase your chances. Single word answers will be rejected.

    Application deadline: 01.02.2017

    Any questions - please post in the discussion thread here or PM if you'd prefer.

    Thank you,

    Community Manager UK/US
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