1. How many years experience on the game - more than 9 years
  2. Experience in what fields (simming, raiding, attacking, defending) - Simming and raiding attacking
  3. Good accounts you have been on which others may know - Parkicar OptimusPrime I've dualled with Trouble before
  4. Your favourite or best tribe (roman, gaul, teuton) - Tueton Never been Gaul Ever in travian history
  5. If you play Offensive or Defensive - lean towards offensive usually alliance attack planner but for rise of alliance t20 need some defense so both ways
  6. Your game achievements (top10, top100?) - top 50 usually every server i'm on... Qualified for world server but deleted, usually get bored and require help half way through server because get bored easily and flitter away my troops
  7. What size account are you looking to join? Already have 6 villages 3 x 15croppers
  8. Are you willing to buy gold or not? - Regular Gold Whore
  9. Online Times you can offer (GMT) -
  10. How to contact you & further communication (skype, pm) - parkinson.ben123@gmail.com or PM me