Dear Community,

As you may remember, we announced some time ago that our plan for this year was to implement two features from the RoA version of the game on the regular servers. A couple of weeks ago, we opened a poll where a lot of you expressed their opinion on this topic and the worldwide results confirmed a will to implement alliance bonuses and defense point calculation. Now itís time to announce that we have a date for you!

Starting from May 10th, 2017, we will implement the two features on all the new servers that will open from this date (don't panic: the servers that are already running wonít get these features).

Here is a brief description of what these two new features add to the game.

Alliance bonuses
Players have the ability to contribute resources to the alliance in order to gain certain bonuses, like greater CP production, faster troop production, weapon and armor bonuses, as well as a bonus on merchant capacity.
The amount of resources a player can donate is limited and resets on a daily basis. The player can spend Gold to triple the size of their donation while paying the same amount of resources. The daily limit the player has cannot be increased by spending Gold.

Defense point calculation
The defense points for the top ten defenders are usually granted to the defending village owner, even if most of the defending units are from different players. This has been changed so that the defense points are split among all defenders based on the defending units supplied.

So, sharpen your weapons and get ready for a new adventure!
Your Travian Team